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Current Duskrunner Crew

Captain Taggert – Captain, Antarian Ranger, & Erotic Goods Inspector

Igwalui – Navigator, Self-Elected Quartermaster, & Legitimate Businessman

Jay – Chief Security Officer, Aggresive Negotiations Expert, & Mioxy Force User

S2-E – Spiteful A.I., Gravitational Analyst, & Condescension Module

Zeke/Kaz/Etc. – Cooper, Covert Acquisitions Officer, & Fugitive.

Jareth – Boatswain, Refugee, & Mitochondrial Reinforced Battering Ram.

Trill’krek – Archaeologist, First Mate, & Avid Supporter of Violent Protest

Gand – Xenobiologist, Veterinarian, & Death-Worshiping Nightmare Fuel

Rowarr – Cook, Pacifist, & Constrictive Tactile Therapy Technician

H3R – droid, Engineer, and Sex Bot


Ex Duskrunner Crew

Vance Pilot, Angry, and current Pirate King

Dak – Jr. Security Officer, Thermo-Concussive Communications Officer, & Probably Canadian. Also, he’s totally a senator now.

Ni’Jo – Orphan, Stowe-away, & A Handful To Say The Least

Latino The Hutt – Young, Fast, and aspiring Space Pirate

h3. Adversaries

Constantine – He’s an asshole.


Chango the Hutt


Duskrunner – Old Beat up that has seen much better days

Vance’s Ship – We aren’t too sure…

Main Page

Edge of the Empire: Duskrunner Vlade