Archaeologist, First Mate, & Avid Supporter of Violent Protest


Height: 5’7
Color: Red
Physique: Skrawny for a human, Fit for a Twi’lek.


Trill’Krek is a Twi’lek Male, native to the tide-locked planet Ryloth. He is the oldest of three siblings, his twin sisters Jade’krek and Arda’krek. He lived within one of many domed cities just sun-side of the equator where he attended the Imperial University of Astrogation, studying mechanics, computers, and hyperspace travel…

… Of which he knows nothing. The entirety of Trill’Krek’s education was typically spent studying Archeology under the guide of Jo’Dax, a Professor of Historical Excavations and Hyperspace Theory at Ryloth’s largest University.


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