Edge of the Empire: Duskrunner

A Salty Surprise
Or Secret Volcano Bases, Runnaways, and Hitchhikers: a Memoir

Previously, our crew was imprisoned by the Pirate King

  • Strange noise coming from wall on the other side of cell
    *One by one the crew is removed from the cell for questioning.
    Trill’krek, Jareth, and Igwalui remain
Double Crossed Reacharound
Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bluff

A lone Toydarian, down on his luck, sat at the bar, nursing a drink, and casting a shrewd gaze across the the faces of the many patrons. It was a crowded place, popular with the clean and not so nice alike. Any of them could be played though. Thinking about showing his mettle at some games of chance a small, and pretty drunk table had going, he felt around for his last credits and started to get up when a rumble came from his pocket. The Toydarian’s com was going off, either someone was trying to get a hold of him, which he hoped not, or something had turned up on Bendo’s List , which was the case.

The posting was short and sweet.
Experienced Pilot Needed
Ship looking for a Pilot, previous experience with cargo and manual labor a must. Must know way around. Will work as a contractor, could lead to full time. Dock 47.

“That is what I’m talking about.” He muttered to no one. These were delivery people, likely transporting things they didn’t want the Empire knowing about. He could sit back, play it safe, just pilot them around, see what kind of deals they are up to. Legitimate or not, credits are credits. Glancing around one last time, he finished his drink and hovered to the entrance, nearly bumping into a green fly faced acquaintance of his.
“”/wikis/greedo/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Greedo!" the Toydarian exclaimed in glee soaked in pretense. “What a good person to be seeing today! How is your boss, friend?”
Greedo gave a halfhearted wave, motioning that he was in the middle of something.
A human walked by, and Greedo followed, nodding to the Toydarian. Being none of his business, he too went on his way. He’d know what Greedo’s dealing was another time. It was something he was good at.

Dock 47 had a beat up lopsided piece of junk sitting at it. It had two tentacle like things on its head, and was arguing with a young human. Behind them, was a ship.


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