Chango the Hutt

I dunno hes a hutt


A Hutt, very corporate minded, all about publicity.


Once hired Captain Taggert to do a slave run on Ryloth, thus setting the Duskrunner on it’s current path.

A year later, after hearing about a learned archeologist, Trill’krek, he hired out the Duskrunner crew to find an amulet, the final piece of his ancient starmap.

After making arrangements to give the Duskrunner crew payment, he pulled a double cross on them, having Seska and Larity pin their ship so they could bring back both the money and the amulet. The Duskrunner, much to his chagrin, grew some balls and ran them down, taking some of the money back, and forcing Chango to pay them back and fix their ship to avoid crashing into his tower at Nal Hutta.

Months later, Duskrunner finds out that Chango has a bounty on their ship of 50,000.

Igwalui has been shown to have met, and my have a previous relationship with Chango, as revealed through conversations.

Chango the Hutt

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